My first post!

Obligatory post number 1, on my first blog in over 10 years. In my beginning years of college, I had a blog that was basically just an outlet for me to post funny drunk photos of my friends. What I’d give to still have those saved somewhere… Anyway. A couple close friends and I have started 2014 on a mission to clean up our diets. We were decently healthy to begin with (they’re all avid Crossfitters, I’m the lone soldier with no idea how much I can snatch or squat or whatever, and honestly I don’t care), so we’ve all heard about the Paleo diet over and over. Many of us had even tried it before and tried to incorporated it into our everyday lives, but for whatever reason the end of 2013 got the best of us. Too many tasty Christmas beers, too many nights out eating delicious-but-so-unhealthy food, so many dinner parties with lots of cheese. Therefore, 2014 is our year. Our year to be healthier, more conscious of what we’re putting into our bodies, and the year we certainly all become closer on this path together.

I plan to use this blog for recipes that I love (I take pics of everything I eat anyway, might as well have an audience), the ups and downs of being a full-time freelance designer, and the bit of insight I’ve gained in the small time I’ve been rocking it as a housewife. Hopefully a couple people will read it and enjoy!