Wedding photoHi! My name’s Jenni. I’m an almost-30 neo-hippie in Akron Ohio. I’m passionate about food (and what’s in it), my design company, and my family. I love to hoop dance, see live music, nerd out on my computer and most recently, I fell in love with cooking.

For me, this is a journey for my family. I got married to the most wonderful man on the planet in June and we hope to start trying for kids this summer. I am lucky enough to work fully from home, running my own design business. In my free time (I’m not sure that exists, but I make it happen), I take care of my little family – husband, and 2 very not-small dogs. Clyde is our 9 year old black lab who weighs 98lbs and challenges my patience every day, but melts my heart every time I look at him. Annie is our 6 year old border collie mix (hubby picked her up in Texas while working there so her background is a bit iffy). She was NOT a fan of me when I came into Shawn’s life but has since become my best friend and I love her to death even though she’s a pain in my ass most days. They’re my life and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

In February 2013, the office I worked in closed. I was designing full time for them and our office closed. I freaked out – my then-fiance encouraged me to grow my own business. I had been freelancing a little here and there and had a couple consistent clients, but never thought I could do it. Shawn told me I could – and I believed him. I’ve been doing it ever since. Since I get to be home all the time, that also means I get to play the housewife, which I actually really enjoy. My favorite thing is cooking delicious recipes for my husband and I that are healthy for both of us. I plan to have children and raise them myself (I was lucky enough to have my mother home with me when I was little, and I very much want to do that for my kids), while taking care of our home, my husband and our furbabies. For this to happen, I have to be healthy and able to feed my family in a healthy way thats also affordable. Let’s make this happen!

Oh, and I love wine. Red wine is paleo in my book. Don’t judge me.


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